AMP-TRI Phase Support System

AMP-TRI Phase Support System

AMP-TRI Phase Support System

Amped Fitness believes that accountability is imperative to success. Each person’s needs for support and accountability is different. That is why we have developed out AMP-TRI Phase Support System. Each portion of the support systems works together or separately for your needs.

What is the AMP-TRI Phase Support System:

  • Our Coaches
  • Our Community
  • Our MyZone wearable heart-rate tracker


Our coaches are all certified, with many having four-year degrees in Exercise Science. Their educations provide the knowledge to help if you have any injuries that you are recovering from. Their experience will allow you to be successful regardless of the circumstances.

They will partner will you, they will push you past where you thought was possible, and with their guidance, nothing is out of reach.


Our community is encouraging and has a fun vibe of competitiveness. Everyone will celebrate your successes. You will not be alone on this adventure. This welcoming group of individuals is like no other. This group will welcome you with open arms. You will become part of our Nation, AmpedNation!


Since our opening in March 2015, we have been partners with MyZone. This wearable heart rate tracker gives reliable, live tracking during all of your training sessions. These devices are specifically designed for the type of training Amped Fitness provides. The MyZone monitor makes it impossible for you to cheat yourself.

AMP-TRI Phase Support System

All the support you need to be successful!

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