AMP-Training Matrix

AMP-Training Matrix 

AMP-Training Matrix

Our fitness classes have all the equipment necessary to provide a great training session. We believe in using different forms of exercise modalities. Each piece of equipment is used several different ways to allow for interesting and exciting sessions.

The combination of our Calorie Burner and Iron Fortitude Sessions guarantee results. Our Calorie Burner Sessions are designed to the heart rate up and the sweat going. The Iron Fortitude Sessions build lean muscle mass that will promote fat loss. The sessions are expertly designed for a full body workout, to help deter injuries from over training.

A specialty gym like Amped Fitness offers a variety of proven, engaging fitness methods. Our techniques will give you a hand in getting rid of all the extra weight and increase your overall strength!

What to expect:

  • Fast paced class
  • Coaches that will guide and encourage
  • Total body workouts for all classes
  • Classes that designed to avoid injuries
  • Scientifically designed exercise programming

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Put our AMP-Training Matrix to the test!