About Us


At Amped Fitness, is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our members. Our coaches strive to deliver an experience that provides both a fun-filled time and well-rounded expertly coached class. We seek out highly educated and nationally certified coaches for our team.

Our design team meets weekly to create fundamentally sound functional fitness workouts that not only challenge your body for change but also make it fun. Working out doesn’t have to feel like a chore or torture.

Our gyms are the best in the area with locations in Enfield, Ellington, East Granby, and Farmington. They equiped with everything that you need to get a fast and effective workout. The combination of coaches, equipment, community are your hardwork will deliver the reults you deserve.

Let our knowledgable staff help you with your fitness goals. Whether your goals are weight/fat loss or muscle development, we are here to help.

Certified Coaches

Amped Fitness coaches combine their extensive knowledge for fitness and their passion for providing an outstanding experience to our members for an unmatched fitness class. All of our coaches must hold a nationally recognized Certified Personal Training Certification. Many of our coaches have 4-years degrees in Exercise Science. Our coaches are experts in the field. They have a great understanding of the body and the experience to work with all fitness levels. You will not only have a highly educated coach but a coach that knows that working out must be fun. Your class will be filled with encouragement, laughter, and most of all you will leave feeling accomplished and ready to take on whatever the world had in store for you!

Fitness Facilities

We demand our facilities are maintained to the highest standard. The cleanliness of our facilities is essential to the leadership of Amped Fitness. Our equipment is inspected for safety and replaced or repaired when necessary. The condition of a facility is a direct reflection of our company. We take pride and care in their appearance.


Our members will welcome you and encourage you on your fitness journey. Our ACE, Amped Community Experts, will partner with you through your first few classes. The will guide you and encourage as you start your journey with us.

Our charity events have raised thousands of dollars. They have benefited Autism, MS, Breast Cancer, Gifts of Love and The 9/11 Victims Fund. This is all thanks to the generosity of members.

They also know how to have a good time with happy hours, hikes, family picnics and various other outings.

Why Choose Us?

Functional fitness conditions your body for real-life movements and activities. It gets you ready for daily tasks and movements that you would do at home, work, or anywhere.
When functional fitness is integrated into your routine, it makes movements like pulling, lifting, squatting, and balance easier. In a nutshell, our workouts help you tackle day to day life easier while getting you into the best shape of your life.

Gym 95%
Yoga 90%
Body Building 95%
Swimming 80%