Welcome to AmpedNation!

What is AmpedNation?

AmpedNation is a group of like-minded, goal orientated, individuals. This community surrounds each other with support and celebrates each other’s victories. Whether it is completing your first pull-up or running your first Spartan Race, we celebrate all goals! Our community is competitive, yet a welcoming,  group of people. The competitiveness helps to drive you further than you thought was possible.

Did You Know…?

AmpedNation has raised over $10,000 in the last two years for local charities.

We have partnered with ASRC and The Foundation for Exceptional Children to raise money for Autism research. Each April our community comes out in full support of this event. We are honored to be associated with these two excellent organizations.

Our toy drive has resulted in hundreds of toys donated to Gifts of Love. The toy donations are distributed to children in need. Our members are very generous with their gifts of toys. They have made this drive one the most successful drives to benefit this important organization.

AmpedNation also organizes member driven charity events. Our community challenges themselves with their very own Tour De Amped. Each member donates money to complete this grueling event. They visit all of our locations for an AMP-Matrix Training session. All proceeds raised are then donated to the American Heart Association.

When our community isn’t working out for a good cause they run obstacle races together, run 5ks or just get together for fun.


I've only been going to Amped for couple weeks now, and it's been one of the best decisions I've made. I should have listened to my wife and signed up sooner, but I thought it would be more cost effective if I purchased my own equipment and worked out at home. Unfortunately, there were many factors I failed to account for. At Amped, you aren't just getting to use gym equipment. You get many accountability partners that truly wish to know who you are. You get hands-on coaches that want to see you succeed. And lastly, the Amped family is just that- a family. And at the end of the day, your core, foundation needs are being met. You feel welcome, not judged, respected, and cared for. It's like being part of a tight-knit village or tribe. The members and coaches are authentic- there's a contagious vibe in the air that is not reproducible in a home gym or in a big name commercial gym. I've been part of normal gyms before and objectively speaking, Amped doesn't just deliver a method for obtaining fitness, they open their arms and welcome you to their family.


- 6/14/2017

This is an amazing place! It’s a very non-intimidating atmosphere, and I’ve found that I truly look forward to each class. The group environment coupled with the motivation, support, and guidance from the coaches make Amped so unique and so fun! You have to try it!

Shannon L.

- 6/22/2017