One Couple's Journey to Health

We are excited to share an amazing couple’s story. Their journey to and at Amped Fitness is inspiring. They teach us the importance of balance and taking time to care for ourselves. We are so happy to have them as members of AmpedNation!

We are honored to be in this month’s Client Spotlight for Amped Fitness Enfield!  We just completed our fourth full month, and to say Amped Nation has changed our lives would be an understatement!

Beth writes:

I absolutely love Amped Fitness Enfield!  After spending the last few years at another gym, I knew after my first trial session that making the change to Amped Fitness Enfield would be a great decision.  Since then, I haven’t looked back!  Devon and Jordan are awesome coaches and their positivity and energy light up the gym each day.  The member community that is growing in Enfield after only a few months is remarkable, too.  Everyone is so supportive and friendly!  I think the best part of the experience has been how Jon and I have been able to work out together and share this experience.  I am stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been, and Jon is feeling better than ever and making steady progress toward his goals.  As a physician and mom, it’s also great to see the impact that our focus on fitness as a couple is having on our two boys.  Every day after school they want to work out, too!  And, of course, they think Devon is a superhero with his big muscles, so that helps motivate them (and us!).  I just want to say thank you to everyone at Amped Fitness Enfield.  We look forward to a happy, healthy, MEP-filled future!


Jon writes:

While I will not share my entire convoluted journey to Amped Fitness Enfield, I want Amped Nation to know just how much I appreciate and believe in Amped Fitness Enfield and our coaches, Devon and Jordan.

After a series of unfortunate sports-related injuries as a young man that led to numerous reconstructive orthopedic surgeries on my arm, ankle, and hip, I entered adulthood basically having quit on myself physically.  I was no longer the athlete I once was, so I no longer saw myself as a fit person or even someone who could one day become fit again.

Fast forward about twenty years to June 2015… my general health finally hit rock bottom.  I was at my heaviest (30% body fat) and suffering from high cholesterol, borderline high blood pressure, sleep apnea, chronic joint and lower back pain, and frequent migraine headaches.  And as a high school principal, I was spending significantly more time focused on other people’s kids than my own two young boys.  I really missed Beth and them; I really missed me.  Slowly I had forgotten how to take care of myself, how to prioritize my own needs, and how to be present in my own life and the life of those I love most.  I even stopped taking time to eat regularly and drink enough water.  And when I did eat, I frequently made unhealthy choices.

That summer of 2015 I decided to begin taking the first steps on a journey toward my future self, or the ideal version of me, which is a healthy, fit and balanced 45-year-old dad and husband who feels amazing working out again and who never quits on himself.  We moved to Suffield, CT, in August 2015, and I soon began pursuing a Ph.D. and working at UConn, which gave me much more time at home with Beth and the kids.  I began to establish new routines to improve my sleep and diet and to be present as an equal partner in all the happenings at home that I felt I had missed over the past five years.  When my semester ended this past May, I finally felt like I had found an equilibrium across most of the important pieces of my adult life.  All but one, that is.

While I had lost some weight and generally felt much better than I had in two years, I knew that the final piece for me would be to address my fitness.  Beth came home one day in May and said that she had heard about a new gym in Enfield.  She was still driving to West Springfield, MA, to go to her gym, and was thinking about switching to a gym closer to home.  So, I told her I’d check it out.  I’ll never forget walking in that day and meeting Jordan.  We talked for a short while and I really liked what I heard, so we agreed that I would come back the next day to take a class.

That first class was… hard, indeed.  I felt out-of-place, and most days after those early sessions I was so sore that I could barely move.  Once again, I struggled to reconcile how poorly my present self now felt exercising with how amazing my past self would have felt exercising.  As such, I only attended four classes in May and six classes in June.  At the end of June, Beth and I took the boys to Maine and New Hampshire for almost three weeks.  Finally, a vacation where I felt like I was, well, on vacation… an adult first!  No email, cell phones, meetings, deadlines… just Beth and the boys and me, off the grid, back to nature.  We hiked, we fished, we swam, we walked, we talked, we listened to music, we stargazed… and for the first time in forever I felt like I was exerting myself physically and feeling pretty good.  On our way home, I promised my family and myself that I was really going to work hard to get fit again.

Well, since mid-July I have trained at least four days per week, sometimes five or six!  To push past significant physical challenges and mental barriers, I started to focus less and less on how “I used to be.”  Instead, I slowly began concentrating more and more on my future self.  While I still have a long way to go to reach all my new goals, today I can report that after working out for a few months at Amped Fitness Enfield I am the healthiest, fittest, and most balanced I’ve ever been as an adult.

I can’t thank Devon and Jordan enough.  Not only are they excellent technical coaches; most importantly, they listen, motivate, AND coach.  They take time to understand my challenges and barriers and truly care about guiding me on a path toward my future self.  When excellent coaches combine with a fantastic facility and like-minded members, we get an amazing Amped Fitness Enfield TEAM working hard TOGETHER to get stronger and more conditioned every day.  Finally, since 1994 Beth has been my love, my partner, my muse, and my hero.  Mere words cannot sufficiently illustrate her endless patience, kindness, and belief in me and our boys.  And to be able to regularly work out (and almost keep up!) with Beth is a dream realized.

In closing, I credit Amped Fitness Enfield with helping me dramatically improve both my fitness and my mentality.  Sure, while it’s great for my health that I’ve lost 9% body fat since my most unfit days back in the summer of 2015 (4% of it since joining Amped Fitness Enfield!), I think it’s even cooler that I now can deadlift 205 lbs. x10 and run a ½ mile in 3:17 (all recent adult PBs!)!  I can even do ONE unassisted pull-up… and I now know that I can, and I will do more pullups in the future if I “Never Quit.”  So, thank you, Devon, Jordan, Beth, and the rest of our Amped Fitness Enfield TEAM for believing in me, supporting me, and pushing me closer toward my healthy, fit, and balanced future self!

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  1. This old military veteran actually drew a tear reading this. Congratulations on your gains!

  2. Beth and Jon and their boys are very dear to me!! I feel so good to see Jon involved with his family!! Many times I encouraged Jon to be home earlier, to be with Beth and the boys more. This makes me so Proud to see him concentrating on the love of his life and the boys.. Beth and Jon, I love you guys and so happy to see your family happy!!!!

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