One Member's Inspiring Take on AmpedNation!

What is kind of “gym” is Amped Fitness? What makes Amped Fitness different than other “gyms”? These are great questions that prospective members should ask. They are answers that we are prepared to answer. However, sometimes our members have even better answers to these questions.

This past weekend we had several members compete in the Spartan Beast in Killington, Vermont. Their dedication and hard work are inspirational. They pushed themselves beyond what they thought were their limits and completed their goals.

One of our incredible members that not only competed but cheered his fellow members of AmpedNation. Tim Corlett, one of our members in Unionville, shared his experience with our members, and we would like to share it with you! Thank you, Tim, for putting into words what many of us were thinking!

“Got to brag on some pretty awesome moments the last few days, and sorry if it turns into a long read…

A lot Amped integrity and honor this weekend that I was fortunate enough to witness and the words will not do it justice.

For some it was a first-time race up in Killington, for others, it was a chance to tackle it again. I know of many people that partnered up and raced together, helping each other’s mental fortitude to keep climbing and grinding it out. On the flip side, many tackling the mountain solo in their strides but knowing they had an Amped Nation in the back of their mind wishing them the encouragement they needed.

Whether you ran, walked, watched, or even thought about those in the race, there was a great presence of the “Never Quit” we have ingrained in this gym.

Though it may seem like these events call for great athleticism to complete, that is not what does it in the end. It is truly that little voice in your head that says “Never Quit,” and you make a choice to listen. That voice is not just one person or the coach at the gym. It is the community that has been made around us.

I watched a member grind out carrying a 70-80lb bag of sand up a ski slope for a 150-200 hundred yards and come back down, drop it off, jog to the next obstacle, lose their grip, fall off and head to the burpee zone… no cussing, no complaining, then proceed to knock out 30 burpees (legit, full push-up burpees) knowing that the hardest part of the race was right around the next turn… I am not going to give a name, that is not what it is about.

It was so awesome to see at that moment when most would have been at their breaking point and given up, or not completed the-the penalty.

Then to be later in the afternoon and keep seeing member after member trucking in across the finish line, glowing with a sense of weight lifting off their shoulders knowing that the race was over and the time spent grinding away was worth its weight…

To wrap it up, big congratulations to those who went up and ran this weekend, it is an accomplishment/feeling like no other. A bigger thank you to those that we see daily / weekly in our local gym that sweat with us, hit peak heart rates with us, and push along day in and day out. You are just as much deserving of credit towards these ventures as we may be. It does not go unnoticed or unappreciated; it enables everyday people to do amazing things.

Great job Amped Nation!”

Amped Fitness is nothing without AmpedNation. Your dedication to achieving your goals is outstanding. Whether it is to make it to class at 5:00 am or to compete in an obstacle course you exhibit your spirit of #NeverQuit!

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