First 5 minutes in a gym, name five things to expect.

First 5 minutes in a gym, name five things to expect.

What makes Amped different that other gyms/fitness centers

  1. Acknowledgement – Handshake- Introduction
  2. Open and friendly members – Community > Clique
  3. Cleanliness of front desk and surrounding area
  4. Scientifically programed-always progressing
  5. Informational Sheet – Followed up with personally asked questions about your background, injuries, and intentions

Overview of what to expect as the session begins and where you can put your things and do until it begins

Your First Session:

Many of us have gone through the doors of a new gym, as you push the door open the anxiety starts to set in as you hope for a welcoming and smiling person waiting for you behind the desk. Unfortunately, there are occasions when that is not the case and the hopes of finding your new fitness facility dwindles.

Here are some things that you should look for:

Within the first 60 seconds of stepping inside a fitness facility, you should already know if it will be a good fit or not.  Nerves are high, so being greeted with a warm welcome is a must.  A firm handshake, a compassionate smile, and direct eye contact are all-important factors. If you happen to come when a class is in session, does the instructor still acknowledge you? Do they introduce themselves?  When you begin to look around at the level of cleanliness, does everything look organized and professional?  If so, it is clear that the gym cares about the well-being of the members and upkeep of the facility. Consider this a sign that it is safe to proceed:

Phew, you’ve made it past the first minute! Let’s venture to your first-class experience.

Your Agenda: You may have exercise limitations, or maybe you’re looking for the “extra push.”  Take mental note to see if the coach takes time to ask specific questions about you other than just “What brought you in today” or “how did you hear about us.” The coach should be able to continually acknowledge you by name and the things you say to begin piecing a plan together for your first session.

Instruction: Did the coach take the time to explain the format of the workout that day? Is it clear how many minutes or reps you will be working for? How about form, did the coach rush through the movements? Or did he/she take the time to explain proper mechanics and how to perform each exercise safely? Remember: It’s not about how much weight you can lift if you compromise your technique!

Encouragement & Feedback: There is a HUGE difference between getting beat up after a workout and feeling broken because you were pushed to the extreme and yelled at rather feeling physically exhausted because you were encouraged to do so. The coach should have been specific and provided feedback about your movement, your first session you should be asked: “how does this feel and where do you feel it?” Answers to these questions continue to let your potential coach get to know you while still addressing the rest of your teammates in the session. Take mental note to confirm your coach used positive reinforcements over negative; this will give you some insight into the culture.

Schedule: Your gym should have multiple mornings classes and afternoon classes options for you to get in throughout the day. A facility with open gym for the days you miss your usual time is added a bonus, be sure to ask.

When searching for a gym, remember, it is OKAY to be picky. You are investing time and money into a place that is going to help you reach your physical transformation and performance goals. If you have experienced the items listed, then you most likely found the perfect gym! Enjoy the journey, and trust the process.

-Coach Jordan

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