AmpedNation Transformation Program

AmpedNation Transformation Program

Are you ready to transform your mind and body? Our AmpedNation Transformation Program will provide you with all the tools to make the change in your life. This 5-week program will guide you through each and every step of the process. Our coaches will partner with you and push you to be successful.

We combine our AMP-Training Matrix, scientifically, results-driven exercise programs, with our AMP-RX Energy Plan, an easy to follow meal planning system and our AMP-TRI Phase Support System to give you an unparalleled level of service.

AMP-Training Matrix

Our AMP-Training Matrix combines our Calorie Burner Sessions and our Iron Fortitude Sessions to burn off extra body fat and give you the toned body you are searching for. Our Programming Manager uses his degree in Exercise Science to design a program that is not only fun but safe and effective. Our programming is designed to allow you to attend classes up to 6 days per week. The expertly designed program to avoid overtraining to deter you from getting injured.

AMP-Energy Method

Finding a program that is easy to follow, with foods you like to eat is a necessity for success. Our AMP-Energy Method is customized to your goals and food preferences. If you had a food allergy or aversion, we can eliminate those foods from your plan. Properly fueling your body during the program is imperative to success. A car cannot run and perform at its peak without fuel and neither can your body. You MUST fuel is properly to get RESULTS.

AMP-TRI Phase Support System

With our coaches, community and wearable heart rate tracker SUCCESS is the only option.

Our coaches are all certified, with many holding advanced degrees. Their knowledge and education allow them to help you at any point during your fitness journey. They can modify movements to make you successful. Regardless of your exercise level. They can level an exercise to your level, beginner or advanced.

Our community wants to see you succeed. This competitive, encouraging, compassionate, fun-loving group will surround and welcome you into the community. There is nothing like AmpedNation!

Our My-Zone Heart Rate Monitoring System is designed especially for the exercise programming that we offer at Amped Fitness. This heart rate monitor will not allow you to cheat on yourself. There is no hiding from it. You will be driven to perform at your best.